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Network Support

Specialising in network support ranging from site audits and preventative maintenance contracts through to 24 hour on-site emergency service, our team of skilled technicians and dedicated support staff are committed to providing fast, accurate and reliable assistance.

Network Audits

A Hypertronics Network Audit is the ideal way to take control of your technology. Many organisations find that when it comes to time to upgrade, they donít always have a complete picture of what their current setup consists of. An audit provides you with a comprehensive overview of your hardware and software, along with network diagrams and critical configuration information. On completion, we provide you with a detailed written report, prioritising the urgency of any outstanding issues and highlighting future recommendations. To discuss the benefits and advantages of a Network Audit, please contact our office to arrange an obligation free consultation.

Support Contracts

Many of our regular customers have chosen to formalise their relationship with us by signing a Network Support Contract. Typically these contracts specify a regular program of visits where we perform routine maintenance once a month or more frequently if required. This reduces the number of emergency callouts because problems are addressed before they become critical, reducing costs and inconvenience. Knowing when maintenance is going to occur also allows you to plan around it, minimising staff disruption.

Cabling and Connectivity

From basic home office networks through to corporate configurations and multi-site virtual private networks, Hypertronics is able to provide competitive pricing and superior service for any of your network connectivity needs. Whether its standard Cat5 wired, secure wireless or fibre optic installations, our service department is standing by to discuss your requirements and arrange an obligation free site-inspection and quote.

Once any data has been located and identified as recoverable, we will contact you with the good news and also advise of any additional charges. Please call our office if you would like to discuss Hypertronics data recovery services further.

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