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Onsite repair service

Your computer's down and that's costing you money. If you want it fixed quickly and you want it fixed right call us. We'll give you a definite ETA and stick to it. We'll send a technician who's friendly and polite and, most importantly, knows what he's doing. We'll diagnose the problem then discuss how we plan to fix it, what it's likely to cost and how long it's going to take. Then we'll do it - simple as that.

Drop Everything response

Some problems just won't wait. Your server's down, you've got 20 staff sitting around with nothing to do and your customer's are getting tetchy. It'll cost you more but we'll have a technician on the way before you hang up and he'll work exclusively on your job until it's resolved.

24-hours, 7 days a week

We understand that computers don't just break down during business hours so we have staff on standby around the clock. Rates vary depending on time of day or night but be assured that you can always reach us.

Workshop repair service

Some jobs aren't so urgent or maybe just take a longer time to fix so are better addressed in our workshop. This saves you money becuase you're not paying for our travel time and you're not paying for exlcusive time of the technician. This means that while perhaps a software update is being installed on your computer he can be working on someone else's job - you're not paying him to watch a 'Please wait' screen.


We are the IT, ITES and Call centers agents for various interstate and multinational companies so you may already know us under a different name. No matter, you'll still get the same great Hypertronics service.

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