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Remote Backup

Hard disk crash, power failure, fire, theft, virus.
No backup? Are YOU prepared to lose everything?

The risk of losing data is a very real threat. When you have a major failure, without an adequate backup system you could be out of business for days, weeks or maybe even forever!

For a small monthly charge you can relax in the knowledge that your critical data is totally safe. Our Remote Backup Service uses sophisticated software to compress and encrypt your data to be safely and quickly uploaded to our secure server each night. For maximum protection, every session is protected by 448 bit Blowfish encryption, almost four times the security used by internet banking.

You may nominate to receive a confirmation email each day to let you know that the backup has gone successfully or you can choose to be notified only if the backup has failed, typically due to power failure or Internet Service Provider difficulties.

Monthly backup services start from as low as Rs. 250 per month. For further information or to enquire about a free 30 day Remote Backup trial please contact our office.

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