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Shriram Computers , recently named one of the fastest growing IT companies in India and that's the smart choice for individuals, small businesses and corporate clients looking for simple solutions to complex technology.

Every organisation routinely needs to purchase computer hardware and software. Regardless of your IT purchasing and procurement needs, Shriram Computers can assist. Established in 2002, our reputation for providing quality hardware and software in a competitive environment continues to grow through a focused and managed approach. Simple solutions are a key component to making your technology work for you.


As a local agent for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Optima and Lenovo, Shriram Computers is able to supply a large range of computer systems, servers and peripherals. Our extensive network of national and international suppliers guarantees our clients access to the latest technology and support. For some users, a custom built computer may be more suited to your requirements. Shriram Computers has been assembling and supporting our own brand of PCs since 2002 and have a reputation for quality and performance.


Specialising in the deployment and support of Microsoft, Symantec and Adobe products, Shriram Computers is a supplier of most major software applications. Please contact our sales staff for competitive pricing on operating system licenses, data security applications and general software products.


Shriram Computers maintains a comprehensive inventory of general computer components such as hard drives, CPUs, memory and networking devices. Items not in stock can often be ordered overnight. To discuss your requirements and to obtain pricing, please contact our office.

Our Suppliers

Our partners are an integral part of our business. Through the development of strategic relationships, Shriram Computers is perfectly positioned to provide you or your organisation with access to literally dozens of suppliers and their products.

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